The ELIP Working Groups are responsible for providing their expertise, energy, and enthusiasm to work towards the achievement of ELIP goals. Working Group members bring with them their experience and knowledge to various activities, including consultation, working group meetings, and providing input to the Advisory Council and ELIP stakeholders. Read more about the roles and responsibilities of the working group members and co-chairs.

What will the ELIP Working Groups do?

Working Group members will provide input, advice, and support for implementing the ELIP deliverables. The key ELIP deliverable from September 2016 – March 2017 is to:

Conduct research on newcomers’ needs and the community’s assets and gaps, and raise awareness of these needs with the partnership’s members and the wider community.

The Working Groups will assist the ELIP Advisory Council to determine the direction of the expected outcomes of:

A report on the research undertaken on the community context and newcomers’ needs. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Demographics and trends in the community and its immigrant population;
  • Available services (settlement and mainstream services) and the capacity of service providers to support newcomers’ settlement and integration needs;
  • Barriers to integration in a number of sectors
  • A summary of consultations held with newcomers, employers, service providers and other stakeholders in the community.

What is expected of Working Group members?

A time commitment of around 2 – 4 hours per month. The hours may fluctuate month to month depending on the priorities of the ELIP project.

Provide expertise and knowledge in one of the sector topic areas.

  • Consult with the community and stakeholders on topic-related issues;
  • Advise on research needed in topic area;
  • Educate stakeholders about issues regarding immigration and settlement related to sector;
  • Provide input to working group; identifying key issues for the ELIP council to prioritize.

How will Working Group members be supported?

The ELIP Project Coordinator will provide ongoing support and assistance to all the Working Groups and the Advisory Council. While the working groups are expected to bring their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm in achieving the goals of ELIP, the ELIP Coordinator facilitates this by supporting the Working Group members and co-chairs.

The ELIP Coordinator is considered ELIP staff, and will be responsible for arranging the logistics and organizational aspects of working group meetings, and collaborating with working group co-chairs to ensure that communication flows smoothly between the Advisory Council, working groups, and wider ELIP community.

As a working group co-chair, you can rely on the ELIP Coordinator to:

  • Schedule and book space for working group meetings
  • Develop agenda
  • Capture and share meeting minutes
  • Manage contribution funding agreement with the Federal Government
  • Follow-up on working group requests
  • Share information between ELIP council to working groups

Want to Participate?

We are currently liaising with stakeholders and filling positions within the Edmonton Local Immigration Partnership’s leadership council and sector working groups. To get involved, or for more information, contact us.