Sector Working Groups train their focus on a particular sector of the immigration experience in an effort to identify service gaps or challenges facing immigrants within that sector. Each working group is made up of community members working within that sector, who bring their experience and expertise to bear on the challenges facing newcomers to Edmonton.

By working together to identify and bridge service gaps, the work done by the LIP’s Sector Working Groups helps inform the strategic plan being created by the council, and the recommendations that will pave the way for a smoother integration for immigrants to our city.

Community Safety

Community safety in Edmonton is a high priority of the council, and this working group—composed of representatives from different government agencies, as well as community and non-profit organizations—will work collaboratively to improve community safety and address safety issues immigrants and newcomers face in Edmonton.

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Health and Community Wellness

Stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds, representing a variety of organizations make up the Health and Community Wellness working group. Committed to the health of newcomers, this working group will develop recommendations on how to improve access to health services in Edmonton.

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Composed of researchers from a variety of backgrounds with expertise in the area of immigration and settlement, this working group supports the development of research projects related to immigration and settlement in Edmonton, and provides expertise and guidance to all working groups, as well as the Council.

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Settlement and Inclusion

The Settlement and Inclusion working group is composed of practitioners from a cross-section of traditional and non-traditional settlement organizations who work directly with immigrants and newcomers to Edmonton. The group’s focus will be on improving access and addressing barriers to social inclusion for newcomers.

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Skills Training, Education, and Employment

Getting ready for Edmonton’s job market is an important part of successfully integrating into our community: the Business, Education, and Skills Training working group strives to provide opportunities for immigrants and newcomers to build on pre-existing skills and get them ready for the job market.

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