Planning Together: A Guide to Municipal Action Planning in Alberta (AUMA)

Advisory Council, Research

This document was produced by the AUMA.  For more useful resources, please visit their website:

About this toolkit:

Alberta municipalities are acutely aware of issues around dwindling populations and labour shortages, and know that attracting and retaining newcomers can help with growth. We also know that newcomers will be more attracted communities that make them feel welcome and included. To help you prepare for their arrival, we have developed the Planning Together Guide.This guide is a tool for municipal immigration action planning in Alberta. It provides ideas to get people working together and helps set targets and develop action plans that complement work already being done in your community.

With its step-by-step instructions, this guide includes information on who to include, how to run your meetings, how to create and implement your plan and sample action plans.

No two communities approach their immigration action plan the same way. This guide outlines many options that can be considered.