November Working Group Meeting Notes

Community Safety, Health and Community Wellness, Research, Settlement and Inclusion, Skills Training, Education, and Employment

Compilation of the meeting notes summary from the 5 working group meetings: Health and Community Wellness: November 1, 2016 Skills Training, Education and Employment: November 2, 2016 Community Safety: November 3, 2016 Settlement and Inclusion: November 8, 2016 Research: November 9, 2016  

ELIP Community/Stakeholder Consultation Report – Zenev and Associates

Advisory Council, Community Safety, Health and Community Wellness, Research, Settlement and Inclusion, Skills Training, Education, and Employment

This report provides a summary of the results from stakeholder consultations conducted in March 2016 for Edmonton’s Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) initiative. Five consultation sessions were held in which 50 individuals from 43 different organizations, representing five sectors, participated in a conversation about the Edmonton LIP initiative. During the consultations, participants were asked to reflect and comment on the… Read more »

Welcoming & Inclusive Communities Toolkit: Templates and tools for Alberta’s municipalities (AUMA)

Advisory Council, Research

This toolkit is designed to help your municipality become a better place for everyone. A Welcoming and Inclusive Community (WIC) initiative is no longer an option for Alberta’s municipalities. It is a necessity. Not only to comply with the increasing legal requirements around access, municipalities must now focus on WIC principles for their long-term sustainability…. Read more »

Learning a language, learning the land: Newcomers, parks, and language learning – Dr. Elizabeth Lange (St. Francis Xavier University), Dr. Peter Vogels (Grant MacEwan University), Zenobia Jamal (Zenev Educational Consultants)

Health and Community Wellness, Research

‘Learning a Language, Learning the Land’ was the pilot of an educational process with immigrant newcomers that combined language learning and environmental literacy in an outdoor park setting. This report is an evaluation of the joint project between the primary partners – Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation, Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN),  and the… Read more »

Sleeping bags, s’mores and the great outdoors : the role of nature-based leisure in refugee integration in Canada – Jane Hurly (Royal Roads University)

Health and Community Wellness, Research

This study investigates the potential impact of nature-based leisure on the acculturation strategies of refugees in Canada, with a focus on the integration mode, and in particular, the inclination to participate fully in the larger society.

ELIP Community Conversation – July 2016

Advisory Council

On July 27, 2016 from 5 pm to 830 PM, the Edmonton Local Immigration Partnership (ELIP) hosted a community conversation with a variety of stakeholders from community groups and organizations in Edmonton.  The purpose of this conversation was to inform the participants about the ELIP, and also obtain feedback on how to involve the wider… Read more »