In municipalities across Canada, Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) bring together agencies, service providers and community groups to collaborate and strengthen a community’s ability to successfully welcome immigrants. LIPs identify assets and obstacles within the immigration and settlement experience, then work together to overcome them. This work allows for a smoother transition and enhanced economic, social, political and civic participation for immigrants.

The Edmonton Local Immigration Partnership recognizes that:

  • Immigration is important to the future of Edmonton—the skills and abilities immigrants possess are assets to our community.
  • Settlement and integration outcomes have multiple challenges—too many immigrants remain on the margins of our community.
  • Local communities, institutions and leaders have accumulated knowledge and experiences we must leverage and build upon.

LIP Structure

A typical LIP is made up of a Council and a number of Sector Working Groups. The council coordinates and manages the LIP’s initiatives, while the working groups concentrate on specific areas of the settlement experience. They produce research that helps identify challenges to successful integration, and make recommendations for overcoming those challenges.

Over time, the research, coordination and engagement of the LIP leads to a strategic action plan which addresses local priorities. The implementation of that plan will ensure a smoother transition and warmer welcome for immigrants to Edmonton.

Edmonton LIP Supporters

The Government of Canada provides funding to support the Edmonton Local Immigration Partnership