Experiences and Perceptions of Discrimination in Edmonton: A Survey of Edmonton Residents – City of Edmonton

Advisory Council, Research

The City of Edmonton is a member of the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination (CMARD). In 2008, Racism Free Edmonton was established to help identify
and address institutional barriers to Aboriginal People and other racialized groups. Racism Free Edmonton is a collaborative group of 16 Edmonton organizations that have come together to build a racism-free, inclusive community that respects cultural diversity.

One of the guiding documents of Racism Free Edmonton is the Racism Free Edmonton Action Plan. This Action Plan assists the Racism Free Edmonton partners to identify the barriers
that negatively affect the opportunity for equal participation in economic, social, cultural, recreational and political life. An item outlined in the action plan is the development of monitoring mechanisms that: 1) measure the incidence of racial discrimination in the region; and 2) track these trends overtime.  As a result of this action plan requirement, the City of Edmonton
approached the Population Research Laboratory (PRL) at the University of Alberta to conduct a survey in 2011 to assist in the development of the monitoring mechanisms.